Today’s Specials

  • Nam Sod                                                                                                               $9.00

Your choice of chicken or pork. mixed with scallion, cilantro, red onion, fresh ginger and lime juice. Served with cabbage and peanut on top.

  • Thai Beef Srips                                                                                                    $7.00

Beef strip marinated in Thai style with oyster sauce, black pepper and deep fried.

  • *Thai Hot Wings                                                                                                   $7.00

Crispy chicken wing marinated in Thai style hot sauce.

  • Shrimp Satay                                                                                                      $10.00

jumbo shrimp marinated in coconut milk and sweet curry sauce. BBQ on wooden skewer. Served with cucumber salad and our homemade peanut sauce.

  • Bean thread Soup (N/A)                                                         (sm) $5.00        (lg) $9.00

Ground seasoned pork and shrimp cooked with bean thread noodle, celery, scallion, snow pea, mushroom and garlic oil.

  • *Salmon Panang Curry                                                                                       $14.00

Cooked salmon topped with panang curry with peanut, bell pepper and basil leave.

  • *Pumpkin Red Curry                                                                                            $10.75

Your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Fried Tofu. Cooked with fresh Pumpkin, bell pepper and basil leaves in a sauce mixture of hot and spicy red curry and coconut milk.

  • With Shrimp or Squid                                                                                         $13.00
  • Stir- Fried Fresh Ginger                                                                                     $10.00

Your choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Fried Tofu. Stir- fried fresh ginger with bell pepper, onions, celery and mushroom in a light brown sauce.

  • With Shrimp or Squid                                                                                        $13.00
  • *Indicate spicy


                             PLEASE INDICATE SPICY LEVEL OF YOUR ENTREE.

(2)* med, (3)* hot, (4)* very hot, (5)* Thai hot, (10)* Beyond your imagination.