Chef’s Specials

  • *Spicy Cashew Chicken                                                                                   $11.50

Delicious tender strip of chicken stir-fried with bell pepper, celery, onion, cashew nut and chili paste.

  • *Spicy Beef Oyster Sauce                                                                               $11.00

Stir-fried Beef with Onion, tomatoes, and jalapeno cooked in oyster sauce.

  • *Salmon Black Pepper and Garlic                                                                 $14.00

Salmon fillets deep-fried with black pepper, fresh garlic and oyster sauce. Served over a bed of lettuce and topped of carrot slivers and scallions.

  • Thai Delight                                                                                                        $12.50

Delicious tender chicken strip and large shrimp cooked with snow peas, straw mushroom, onions, baby corn in a light and tasty sauce.

  • *Crispy Shrimp Platter                                                                                    $14.00 

Fresh large shrimp deep fried to a golden brown and topped with straw mushroom, onions, and scallions cooked in a hot and spicy chili sauce.

  • *Spicy Crispy Duck                                                                                            $14.00

Crispy deep fried duck topped off with our three flavor sauce, sweet sour and spicy mixed with bell pepper, mushroom, scallion and crispy basil leave.

  • *Duck Curry                                                                                                          $14.00

Homemade roasted duck cooked with bell pepper, tomatoes, Thai eggplant, pineapple, basil leave and a mild curry mixed with coconut milk.

  • *Thai Seafood Pot                                                                                              $14.00

Mussel, tilapia, scallop, calamari, large shrimp, pineapple and mushroom cooked with a chili sauce, coconut milk, lemon grass and kefir leave. Topped with chopped scallion and cilantro.

* indicate spicy